Friday, August 18, 2017

More Flip Flops Than a Jimmy Buffet Concert

This week, I've found myself on too many late-night phone calls and typing away at the computer. No big news right now, but since I haven't had time to venture to the painting bench, I'm calling a few audibles.

  • Monday night is the online 5th Edition D&D game I'm playing in. Two sessions in and we've vacillated between a SyFy Channel Disaster Movie and Grey's Anatomy, with a few travelling montages out of Milo and Otis.  I'm not complaining at all.  
  • If Jeff, our DM, cancels, I think I have a few interested parties for some random one-shots/playtests that I've been fleshing out from the blog's back-catalog of drafts.  If I want Terraforming Mars: The RPG, The Bloody White Baron of Mongolia, or George and Ike's Excellent Mexican Adventure, this might be a good avenue for it.  
  • I had great online conversations with Nate (Norm Dingleberry) and Hoyce (Talis Makolin) to help flesh out final episodes of the Ballad of the Pigeon God. I still need to talk to Steve (Echelon), for his recollections, but the framework of those final days has been confirmed, and a few juicy details that I forgot after nearly twenty years.  I foresee the weekly episodes every Tuesday morning extending into July of next year.  
  • I'm putting Rat-na-Rock on the far back burner of projects, alongside my Lost City and "Home" D&D campaigns.  The Frost Giants are still getting painted up.
  • The 27th Leinenkugel Gnome Infantry are back up on the queue and more gnomes after that.  
  • As God as my witness, the German Colonials and Treasure Chests will get finished.  
  • Still trying to figure out my four hours of "grown-up" games to run at Mepacon.  Worst case, I may run more My Little Ponies Friday night.
  • My Reaper Bones 4 pledge got dropped down to a $1 (Wave One).  Things are weird in the world right now, and I have have little under a year with the pledge manager to add what I finally decide on.  Plus Macrocosm Miniatures is having a one-week Kickstarter the end of August and it will end at the same time.  
  • Michael's is currently clearing out their Spring/Summer Gnome & Fairy Home lines and has the Halloween and Christmas themes up (Thanks Mike for update!)
And while I figure out all of this, I'm trying to reconstruct the campaign map based off of all the campaigns I ran plus, the Epic of Aerth as the base...   Minor spoilers for the post-Pigeon God map. 

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