Thursday, August 13, 2015

#RPGaDAY2015 Day #13: Favorite RPG Podcast

While I could give you a good pile of bad podcasts to avoid, to find a good podcast that's still going strong is the whole needle in a haystack routine.

I really wanted to say The Miskatonic University Podcast, but between overviews of  chapter from Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition, and absences of the majority of hosts in recent weeks, I don't have that Christmas morning feel on Sunday waiting for the bi-weekly episode to hit.

While I could have easily imagine the MU Podcast getting the nod for this a few months ago, the reverse is true for my actual choice,  Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff

For your average "There's something other than D&D?" gamer,  I would categorize KARTABS as hipster gaming intelligentsia.  Those people will get absolutely bored by the obscure topics, segments on used book finds, and plugs for products that aren't owned by TSR Wizards.

Truth be told, I try to be part of the world gamer group, and even I was thrown aback by the breadth of subject material used in the same podcast.   Some episodes have forced me to do additional research to understand the topics discussed, and that I hope has made me not only a better GM, but a more worldly person as well.  

After a rather long ad from their main sponsor, Atlas Games, they go through a variety of segments and "huts."  Between the Cinema hut, the gaming hut, Ken's Time Machine, Ask Ken & Robin, the Consulting Occultist, and a slew of others, there's a great variety topics, both historical and fictional, and usually a way of implementing them into a gaming structure.  

Sure, some they may harp on some material that doesn't interest me (Dreamhounds of Paris, Feng Shui), but many of the times they have some sort of personal stake in the product being discussed. 

If you're going to try them, give them at least a good month's worth.  You'll probably glean something useful from them, even if they aren't your taste.  
And then they have you in their grasp.... FOREVER!!!!

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