Sunday, August 23, 2015

#RPGaDAY2015 Day #23: Perfect Game for You

Perfect Game pour moi?  Any one with enough players to get stuff done.  Seriously.

In fact, the "dream game" might be happening, and sooner than later.

I have a bunch of draft posts saved up as placeholders for the stories of The Burning Trogs, the PC's adventuring company in my Hackmaster campaign in Georic.  Nothing more than a title, I'll use the campaign journal to fill in the details, and add more entries, if time and space require them.  I have one of those posts finished, and temporarily scheduled for September, 2045:  The Epilogue.  I may get them all done by then.

Once I get closer to finishing the entries, I will go back through the post and edit any of my thoughts, but they will always boil down to this:  *spoilers* The Trogs have unfinished business with the Slavers of Roark and no matter how rich and powerful they have gotten, revenge against the slavers for what they did to their compatriots will always be paramount.

We're never going to get the band completely back together.  First off, two of the players went through a nasty divorce, so I would not force them to play with each other.  I may invite my male friend's new wife to the group, but that can be awkward as well.  Another power couple is now five hours away, and will be making a marathon weekend just to see our house and hit a wine festival with us. Gaming isn't a high priority.

The final piece of the puzzle is my friend Hoyce, who ran the leader of the group, legendary Gnome Titan Zorin Redrock.   Hoyce disappeared up to Boston right after my campaign wrapped up.  He is the one piece of the puzzle that has to be there for the game to work.  He's been searching for the slavers for ten years without getting a clue as to where they are.

But earlier this month I discovered Hoyce and his wife Katie are moving back to Northeast PA, this weekend.  After claiming dibs on him for Cthulhu, I made the realization:

Zorin has returned to put the band back together.  He must of found something.

My perfect game is beginning to fall into place.  All I need is a little more time...

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