Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Australian Gnome Rangers

Australia -  Random gnomings have occurred across some towns in Australia, and the Gnomish Underground is not happy about it, but not too unhappy to seek revenge. 


As a person who was introduced to Gnome Wars with a flurry of bad puns, I somehow completely missed the whole concept (and irony) of the Gnome Rangers, especially since I painted a unit of "true" rangers and decided to go the park ranger route. I may need to snag a few more Swiss for some new concepts.

Travelocity has already over-commercialized the gnome, but it has been nice to see some non-sponsored gnome "hunting" events pop up in local communities around the world this Summer.  If the recent Aussie campaign is supporting local businesses, I would hope it's to fight the encroachment of larger chain stores, rather than blatant self promotion.

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