Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Internet Broke My Blog

I always admit that I love stats, but not too many stats.  While I appreciate Moneyball-style player breakdown to build a successful team, I personally don't care what a players SLG/OBP is against LHP in day games in May. 

Blogger is nice enough to provide stats on pageviews and the like, and I've gleefully looked at my numbers since the first few days of the blog.    I've watched my little creation grow from a dozen hits a day to hundreds.   Sure, I only have a handful of loyal followers who've signed up via Google, but my effort to post everyday, sometimes twice, and to compile subject links to the pages right below the title header brings in a steady flow of legit traffic everyday. 

The reason I say legit for two reasons.  First, the blog was slowly nearing it's 150,000 hit and I try very hard not to spam other sites with the blog information.  Second, I know some of those hits are skewed by spam hits from out of country (300 hits from Ukraine?  In less than 3 minutes?  Probably  a bot of some sort).

As part of my morning ritual this month, I'm on Twitter, tweeting the link to my most recent #RPGaDay post.  This morning, after I posted Day 5, I went back to Blogger to check my "overnight" numbers and watched a light night of 30 hits explode to 9,000 in less than ten minutes.

Around 8,800 of them are from Italy.  I'm well over 10,000 hits for the month and just blew by 150,000 all time.

Freakin' Italy.

Stuff like this happens, but I was enjoying the numbers naturally cascade with the #RPGaDay posts, some recent painting, and the more recent games increasing traffic.  A hundred hits on one day in March from Belarus tilts my head to the side, 8,000+ makes all my graphs and stuff useless.

One thing I can blame Blogger for, rather than Italian Internet robots, is the fact that they use two separate methods of recording pageviews.    On a whim yesterday, I took a look at what my biggest posts for the year were, then compared last years top ten posts with the current volume.  Nothing too surprising, as some of the posts that were #8-10 last year have seen steady traffic from last year and have moved up considerably.  That's naturally how blogs work.

However, I then realized my one post about Cold Wars in 2013 had 100 more pageviews in the Posts tab that lists all the posts, than my #10 all-time post listed under the Stats tab.    I did some research, and lo and behold, there is a different system used for each tab.  My #10 post was ultimately #12 using the other system, but still had 50 more pageviews than the Stats had recorded.   In fact, I discovered that a number of already popular mice warrior/mousling posts actually had hundreds more hits than I previously thought.  If I had realized this earlier, mouslings would obviously get more attention to the adoring crowds hunting down info and pics about them.

Here's how crazily different my rankings are: 

Time to finish up cleaning/painting the Kriget Rum and time to start painting some mice, playing some CLA, and perhaps hunt down some swag for product promotion? 

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