Sunday, August 16, 2015

#RPGaDAY2015 Day #16: Longest Game Session Played

I've never been one for Ironman D&D.  For a game that requires critical thinking and tactics, the idea of Mountain Dew and Cheeto-induced sleep deprivation is not appealing in the least.  DnD Army Game. 

My longest role-playing session goes back twenty years to what I've simply labelled, the "Army" game.

I had launched another 2nd Edition AD&D game using my campaign world of Georic.  Half of the players I had plucked out of my Reserve unit and the other half were the old reliables from high school.  Everyone got along swimmingly, due tot the combined hatred of Dalcin's annoying but competent elf cleric/bodybuilder Markus.   A few of my Army friends had wives and families but since we normally wrapped up by 9:30/10pm, they were asleep by the time they got home.

One night, and only one night, everyone realized that we were all off the next day (We gamed on Wednesday nights, not a small task.)   Thus the challenge was laid down, with a quick run for late-night pizza and soda and some calls to some wives to avoid immediate divorce proceedings, we began gaming. 

We started at 6pm, and by 4am, I was the lone survivor, passing out blankets to gamers who fell unconscious on the stairs.    I can't even tell you what happened that session. 

It was awesome, but I'm quite happy with my 3-5 hour session within normal waking hours.

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