Monday, August 3, 2015

Gen Con News from Gen Can't Pennsylvania

I have safely continued my streak of 41 Gen Cons that I could have attended, but did not.  Perhaps many moons before I was born when it was truly the Lake Geneva Convention and the games played were different would I actually enjoy it, but the proximity of 60,000 gamers, the masses of humanity moving like locusts, and the idea that if I spend $100 for entrance and event tickets, if I kill my credit card for transportation and lodging (or drive a beat up car to Indiana and sleep on the three square centimeters of available floor space in a buddy's room), that I could have a very special moment with a game designer/writer/artist/tracer/warehouse stockboy.    No thanks, I've done it at smaller cons with much smaller budgets.

All my old man "get off my lawn" aside, there were some fun pics taken at the con.

The Wooly-mobile, I mean the Mayfair van.
I was amused by the costumes people wore to the con, because they looked like costumes real people, not internet celebrities made.   Sure, there's a federal law that says you can not screw up a Deadpool costume, but these costumes look like someone just wanted to have a good time.  Even the women's costumes kept away from gratuitous cleavage for the sake of cleavage and actually looked not only fantastic, but relatively comfortable.

"Sweep the leg"
Bob from Minions
Twitter, of course, was all abuzz with a bunch of new product, but the one that made the largest audible gasp was The Fall of Delta Green

Their Kickstarter in September is going to interfere with my Golden Goblin one. While I have my doubts with Pagan's production schedule, if the 60's DG book is Pelgrane, it's as good as in my hands... in a few months.

There's also a Savage Worlds version of Flash Gordon, altough I haven't researched the details yet.
Gaming wise, I didn't see too much that caught my eye.  Lot's of GIANT versions of games (Pass the Pigs, Oh Gnome You Didn't!).

My friend George Hardy happened to post pics of his Savage Worlds game he played in "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1970's"  

OMG, a flag!  On a car!
Character sheets on 8-Tracks
An explanation George provided to the game:
"Uncle Jesse needs Philo and Clyde to drive the Snowman's Truck carrying this girl w telekinetic powers who had a bad time at the prom to safety before the evil Boss Hog can get the girl and seal the deal w Lucifer."

"We defeated the evil butchers working for Boss at the Boar's Nest, followed by a chase scene to Bob's Country Bar where the Good Ole Boys are so we can get the Holy Artifacts are."
Now tell me you didn't read that in the voice of Waylon Jennings...
In the "Couldn't happen to nicer people" category, the entire UK staff of Games Workshop scheduled to appear at GenCon were turned away at US Customs for having the wrong visas (which upon getting more details, is pretty freakin' hard to screw up).   The GW store staff in Memphis, TN ran the con booth, which had a few small displays, no product to sell, and best of all, no demos of Age of Sigmar to run. 
Although not news from GenCon, nor even completely new news, but in the same vein as Age of Sigmar brouhaha, Osprey will be releasing  Dragon Rampant, their fantasy version of their popular Lion Rampant medieval rules, in December. 
The cover art was tweeted this morning.
If your not a fan of Space Marines with bows and arrows and would prefer a more traditional medieval inspired playing style to all out skirmish, it might be a good time to finish up painting those units in the Fall to be ready when the rules hit when the snow falls.    Heck, it might be worth your time to pick up Lion Rampant to peruse the rules, or check out Dalauppror for some AARs (link is set to all Lion Rampant posts.  The other stuff is awesome as well.)

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