Tuesday, September 29, 2015

(Hackmaster) Burning Trogs Rule! #12: Curse of the Caretaker!

Our Returning Cast:
  • Zorin Redrock, Gnome Titan Fighter. Veteran of the Barbarian Wars against the Gnomish City-States, Zorin had retired and has honing his skills for future glory in Marakeikos. Unfortunately, his near bloodthirsty disdain for humans was putting a crimp in his plans.
  • Mutumbo: Nubian warrior wandering around strange world where, if the gods weren't crazy, their believers were. While not the most talented in the party, he obviously demonstrated the most experience, thus his continuing ability to take a pummeling and not complain about it made Zorin give his begrudging respect.
  • Cecelia Darkspruce, Half-Elf Fighter Cleric of Sif, Valkyrie of Pre-Ragnarock Battles, Hero of the Barony of Celsior.
  • Gwendylyn Lorax, Half-Elf Druid. Even a Druid of the native Rifflani Elves needed a moment or two in the dirty city for supplies and information.
  • Janus Redrock, Gnome Titan Priest of Pangrus. Zorin's cousin. Looking for brawling and booty (both financial and otherwise)
  • Tobias. Dwarf Thief picked up at Frandor’s Keep
  • Brother Thomas, Human Monk. It was never ascertained exactly which monastic order Thomas originated from, only that he could indeed kick ass
  • "Whitey": War buddy of Zorin's. Pitiful albino halfling cook.
  • •Nina, a quiet, unassuming human thief, pregnant with Mutumbo’s love child.
After the party eluded an army of orcs and goblins AND rescued an entire village of humans in the desolate wastes of Milosic, they were entreated with the task of delivering the dire news to the capital city of Mirros.
Hepdec, 1133, Mirros, Marakeikos
With the message delivered and the kingdom preparing for war, the Trogs did what anyone would do in that situation. They partied hard at Debbie’s Singing Mighty Keg and trained in the city (More than one of them had levelled during the chaos and needed proper training to formally advance).
Mutumbo had returned from Celsior. He had stayed there with Nina as the group travelled to Mirros. Nina’s injury and infection subsided and she managed to give birth to a healthy baby boy, which they named Takem.
The rumors that swept the city were only doom and gloom. Frandor’s Keep apparently fell swiftly to Ahk Tang the Central Orc League. News from the elven kingdom of Agenmoor had it completely overrun by drow elves. Many elves had fled and others slaughtered by the orc army as they tried to make it so the elven enclaves in Marakeikos. Cecelia, a citizen Agenmoor, was only concerned of the whereabouts of her family.
6th of Hexdec, 1133, On the Road, Maraekeikos
Tobias, Zorin, and Cecelia decided to ride back to Celsior and deposit the party funds and pay taxes before Walter, the caretaker of their headquarters, ran out of fund. Along the way, they discovered many dead bodies and campstuff left in hasty retreat, as well as two of the largest sheep they had ever seen.
10th of Hexdec, 1133, Celsior, Marakeikos
They reached Celsior to find Walter has spent all they money that had been earmarked for taxes on booze and gifts for a post-partum Nina. Cecelia was absolutely furious, casting a curse of Sif onto him turning him into the local magistrate to be punished. They paid the anticipated taxes for the next two years, hired a wet nurse to help Nina and left Mutumbo in charge of the headquarters.
14th of Hexdec, 1133, Mirros, Marakeikos
Upon returning to Mirros, they met up with the other Trogs and found a job cleaning out the sewers???
After a year hiatus, it’s proper to restart the campaign journal for the Burning Trogs, although things are even fuzzier than before.   The betrayal of Walter hit the party hard, Cecelia in particular, since she hired him and entrusted them with their home/hq.   A cursed, horribly disfigured Walter may make an appearance one day... mwhahahahaha!

Update:  As a matter of fact, I did find notes on Walter in the short lived post Trogs campaign.  It's simple beautiful was corrupt things can flourish.

Poor Walter...
I believe this is where Nina and Mutumbo's players needed to drop out.  Mutumbo would return...
Next.... #13 Sundered Faith

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