Thursday, September 3, 2015

#30GamesAMonth Days 1 and 2

Working for a private Medicare insurer, my normally cup o' life runneth over mightily during our ramp up to Annual Enrollment.  My seasonal staffing has arrived early, some of my returning staff has announced that they aren't, and the on a day I should be setting up phone lines and finalizing data, I'm stuck in (remarkably productive) meetings all afternoon, all to discover that the AC is essentially out on the 5th floor.

And we're still a month away until it actually gets bad.

We did managed to sneak in a little time with Millie on #30GamesAMonth.

Day One:  Connect Four
Day Two:  Checkers

In both cases, Millie quickly decided to "trade" sides when she finally realized that Daddy was going to pull out the victory.    She might need a little help with games, that's Maja's forte.

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