Wednesday, September 16, 2015

#30GamesAMonth Day 13... and the Streak Ends

When I started #30GamesAMonth for September, I knew I had a stacked deck against me.  An increased work schedule, crazy kids activities, and the evils of 1st grade homework pulled against us.  I definitely think Tim from Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog, who is also participating in this endeavour, had a few advantages to me, namely older kids (which opens up a plethora of games), I believe they home school (better scheduling), and, of course Saskatoon is already under 27 feet of snow.

On Sunday the 13th we played a do or die game of Candyland as a family.

On Monday the 14th, the very simple, but very structured homework program came out, and my wife took a bullet and handled the first night.  I pre-occupied the little Millie upstairs with... multiple games of Candyland.  Last night, we had dance class, a late dinner and by the time I oversaw homework and 25 minutes of reading, it was bedtime.

The 30 different games, a different game a day, in 30 days is over. 

Now, that doesn't mean I won't try to fill the second half of the month with games.  I've got a few things planned:
  1.  If I can help Millie with her Scissor work while Maja does homework, we may try a fast game of Pondemonium.
  2. A Savage Showdown follow-up to our last "Egypt" game.  If our heroes drove off in a truck, why am I still trying to finish painting up mules for the next game? 
  3. D&D Monster Slayers: Champion of the Elements, although it's too easy for both my girls.
  4. TWERPS using Gnome Wars figures
  5. Gnome Wars - the long anticipated follow-up to Veliki Leptir.
  6. TIARA and a playroom full of toys... and adventure!
  7. A skirmish sized game of Burning Plastic?
  8. Attack of the 50-foot Princess Revisited?  Using OGRE as the engine.
"Grown-Up" gaming with my friends seems unlikely over the next two weekends, although I could pull off some Battletech, Car Wars, or Contemptible Little Armies.  Our next Cthulhu session is all the way in November, and that might be our last session of the year.  It doesn't bode well for either the 2nd Edition AD&D game or to restart Hackmaster until the New Year. 

Outside of the rest of the month I'm going to dedicate it to family/kid games.  There's a Candyland-inspired Frozen game that just different enough mechanically to count as something else, plus a hoard of ages 3 and up games that just ensure we're doing something as a family.

Onward and upward!

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  1. It's the journey, not the destination, right...?

    I've enjoyed following your progress - and look forward to seeing what else you guys get up to for the rest of the month.

    It is true, I have all those advantages (except for the 27 feet of snow... but give us a couple weeks...) and they're some pretty big advantages! When I did a similar challenge last year (and we weren't even trying for a different game each day - just a game each day - there was a lot of quick games of For Sale before bed that month!) it was tough. My kids were 10 and 8 at the time and though they'd been gaming a fair bit for 4-5 years - there was still a lot of games I couldn't just sit down and play with them. After last years challenge, and a full year of making a concerted effort to play a lot of new games (and we've played a LOT of games in the last year), and... well... just another year of being alive and experiencing life has made a HUGE difference - there are so many more games we can play now - and it never ceases to blow me away how quickly kids can grok games and utterly trash me at them! They have really become my favourite gaming buddies!