Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Too Lazy for the Day of Sloth

Ever since I moved to Wilkes-Barre to live with my wife many moons ago, the Sunday before Labor Day has been the Day of Sloth, a pot-luck picnic for all our friends and family.  While the mundanes eat and go, the gamers tended to congregate in certain areas and game till the wee hours (aka, my wife kicked them out).

Between all the troubles I vaguely allude to on this blog, declining attendance, and a chaotic work schedule, I decided (with no argument from my wife) to not host the party for this year, and see where it goes in 2016.

Outside of three or four people inquiring about the lack of the regular Facebook event, most people didn't even bother, so I think I made the right call.  Those who did inquire were disappointed, but understood.  The threat of the first-week-of-school stomach bug hitting the kids and spreading made a few of those more relieved.

But my wife had a plan.    After hearing me go on and on about the arrival of our friend Hoyce and his wife from Boston to the Poconos and the restarting the old Hackmaster campaign, she contacted a few of the people I mentioned in the stories and lo' and behold, most of the group arrived on Sunday afternoon!

We talked shop regarding Call of Cthulhu, relaunching Hackmaster, and Hoyce re-starting his 2nd Edition campaign world, which directly evolved from the group's Friday night game that The Other White Nate (TOWN) ran.  Hoyce took over the reigns when Town went back to western PA and a lot has happened in his version of "Emeron" and the White Wizard Dillman.  He plans on restarting it and letting me be an actual player.

There's gotta be a catch with that.  If not, I'll create one.

We did play the Day of Sloth traditional Risus - Illuminati University (IOU) game.  It was fitting, as Hoyce was the first player to ever create a character for the game, and nine years later, he finally managed to run Mister Bipp.

Actual play to follow, but it was cathartic to let loose and role-play with no inhibitions.  We have grown old and become a group of bastards, and after missing the game for two (?) years, it's interesting on how the cliche Bill Cosby Fanatic (1) creates a different result than originally designed.

After talking it over with the Mrs, the Day of Sloth is scheduled to go off as normal next year on Sunday, September 4th.  Considering last year we had one gamer attend and 30+ mundanes, I'd hope the ratio is a bit more even next year.   

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