Thursday, September 17, 2015

CoC #30: Masks of Nyarlathotep #10 Never Look a Man in the Eye in Cairo

April 1, 1925
After Professor Steven O'Hara and French mercenary Francois Guerin searched the back alleys of Cairo for Walter Besart, a deranged, battered, and badly sunburned Dr Bob Wintermute appeared at the bar that night, slugging the AWOL Frenchman before succumbing to his injuries.

April 2, 1925
Bob's vague recounting of the events out in the desert confused the investigators, but the details of the story would have to wait as he required much needed medical attention and a sponge bath by Dr  Nathaniel Millheim.

With Wintermute stable but incoherent, O'Hara and Guerin tried to retrace the steps of the group.  They first visited the ramshackle tenement which housed the rooms of the other mercenaries, Claude and Heinrich.  Despite some nosey neighbors, not much came of it.

They then tried to stop by a few drinking holes frequented by the mercenaries, but Steven stood out like a sore thumb.  If not for Francois and his pugilistic girth, who knew what evils would befall the resident physicist.  He dragged O'Hara back to the hotel

April 3, 1925
Steven woke up, having been seriously knocked out during a warm welcome to one of the dive bars the night before.  Street smarts was in short supply, so they turned to visit the Egyptian Museum. 

Steven immediately found the Carlysle Expedition documentation, while Francois was wholly lost in the complex.  A small Egyptian fellow found the confused Frenchman, and discovering his broken English trying to explain he was looking for the Carlysle Expedition info, the man switched to French and walked him right over to... Steve.   The duo had met Dr Ali Karfour, curator of the museum, under friendlier arrangements than their fellow investigators.

In Karfour's office, O'Hara tried to play up the "simple acquaintance" angle of his missing friends.  Karfour quickly caught on to the attempted deception and once Steven spilled a good portion of the beans, the curator was much more helpful. 

They slaved over the Carlysle paperwork, which was half-filled out and covered... another three sites?  (One of which Dr Bob and Company had visited).   They were certainly trying to hide something.

Karfour was also very forthcoming about the Black Pharaoh, dumping a lot of information into the laps of the befuddled investigators. 

Trips to the Bent Pyramid may be in order... if Dr Bob and Doc Millheim were ready for it.


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