Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Mountain of Lead Exposed!

Last year, I needed to paint up 112 minis for a Colonial Samoa skirmish game.   That may have been more painted figs than I've done TOTAL over the last decade (primer to sealant).

This year, without any project to motivate me, I'm still up to a respectable 47 figures, a good mix of 28mm Pulp, 6mm Sci-Fi, and Gnomes.   I've also "touched up" over 200 painted figures that have been well loved at conventions.

Following two questions that were posed over on the TMP forums awhile back:

How big is your pile? 
The pile is at its largest since I moved from mostly role-playing to wargaming in 2008.  I had a larger pile of fantasy minis that needed the touch of a brush, but most of them were out-of-print Ral Partha AD&D and GW Warhammer figs still in the blister.  eBay was very nice to me that year.

The sorted out lead pile.
So, the breakdown of the pile.  For the sake of simplicity, everything save Battletech will be 25/28mm.

Gnomes   (248 and 1 vehicle)
Goblin "Blue Martians" - GW and Heartbreaker Fantasy (63)
Teddy Bears (54)
Sci-Fi: General (51)
Mouslings/Mice (36)
Historical:  Other  (26)
Sci-Fi: Battletech (20)
Historical: Spanish-American (18)
Sci-Fi: Legions of Steel (17 and 2 vehicles)
Historical:  Great War (17 and 1 vehicle)
Pulp  (17)
Hockey (10)
GRAND TOTAL:   577 (and 4 vehicles)

plus another 120 or so figures that need a touch up and a reseal.
An extensive and diverse selection....
What's your plans to get of all yours painted?
I've been forcing myself downstairs to the workbench more often, and working on multiple projects in case I begin to lose focus. I've had my long-term project (26 Battlemechs, most from the latest introductory set), my random "lead pile" for singles or small groups, and... the gnomes.

But that all changed when everything got "packed up" and I began sanding the bench down for some repainting and remodelling. The goal is take full advantage of the bench/wall space, add some practical racks for my overgrown selection of paints, and allow for a "staging" area, and plenty of space for the kids to paint when they wander down.

The Plastic Shoebox is the 60+ Goblins waiting to be turned into "Blue Martians"

German Gnomes and More!

With the act of sorting out the minis (and putting them away), I've pulled a few aside to start the queue.  These were mostly the items that already had a prominent place (the rest of the Gnome Engineers, the Steiner mechs, and a few individual figs.   Once the Engineers are complete,  we'll get a more specific plan, as I'll need some relief during the busy season at work this Fall.

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