Monday, September 14, 2015

#30GamesADay: Days: 8-12

When I decided try 30 different games in 30 days in September, I had padded the criteria and game selections to allow for some easy "cheat" days.  I knew things were going to be crazy, but I never thought they would be used up by the middle of the month. 

It was a long, but fun week.

Day 8:  To Cry a Joust - Shopkins Edition.
If Maja wants to participate in the joust at Fall-In!, we're going to need some practice.  Plus, it's great "fun" math work.

Day 9:   War

Day 10:   Go Fish

Day 11:   Uno

Day 12:  The Race Game: The Shopkins 100
The Race Game was my attempt at a *duh* auto racing game.  It's work pretty well thus far, and added another level of madness to it:  Shopkins.   

If you don't know what Shopkins are, consider yourself lucky.  Take the randomness of a toy out a aispenser like we had at the exit of the grocery store back in the day, add in sports card or Magic: the Gathering levels of collectibility, and make the items adorable household items with eyes, and you basically have the Shopkins phenomena.    The good news is, despite my wife continuing to buy more of these little things, the kids are actually playing with them. 

I figured I'd up the ante early last week by using the Shopkins for the joust, and that went over spectacularly.  After that, it was a no brainer to use some of them for a foot-race on the graph paper race track. 
The start of the Shopkins 100 is always dangerous.
We rolled 2d6 for movement, the drifting rules were kept it in (you try to be a giant piece of pecan pie and you see how well you run turns...), and I maintain the handling rolls if pieces ended the turn adjacent to each other, but hey only lost a turn if they rolled a 6 on 1d6.

Cute Boot hugs the corner and pulls away from Suzie Sushi
 Cute Boot took the pole and after a slow start, powered his/her way to victory.  

The winner and their prize.

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