Saturday, September 5, 2015

San Diego Historical Games Convention

I've only gone out to the West Coast once in my life.  It was a feeble attempt in 2001 to try to win back the girl who had run off there a year previous.  While that didn't work, the overall trip to San Diego (with side jaunts to LA, Vegas, and the Hoover Dam, was largely enjoyable.   The only two regrets (besides losing too much cash in Vegas) were not rebooking my flight just days after 9/11 at a much cheaper rate, and not clearing out Games Empire of all of their Legions of Steel stuff and shipping it back home.

That being said, San Diego is a great city, a (slightly) less congested and relaxed version of Los Angeles.  A trip to the San Diego Historical Games Convention November 13-15 at the Best Western Plus Hacienda Hotel Old Town should be in order for anyone nearby.

For a first time attendee, I would be worried about the lack of any miniatures games locked down, the cheesecake t-shirts, and the fact the the biggest supposed draw to spend $30 to attend the con is... open gaming?   Perhaps it's a "no worries" San Diegean(?) thing, but I could arrange a boardgame at a local store via Meetup for less.   Still, a 16-player round robin Advanced Squad Leader tournament sounds like a bit of fun.  

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