Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Shelving a Project... and Shelves for Another

As I mentioned previously, I sanded down my gargantuan painting bench and repainted it.  It's not perfect, but it got me back to organizing my paints and projects (the ones I've barely touched in weeks).

Then my wife found a Spicy Shelf on clearance at the local grocery store for ten bucks.

My wife drives me crazy, as all wives are wont to do, but this time she hit the jackpot.

The re-organized paint station
The three levels fit all my active paints (I have multiple bottles of the same color three foot to the left) and I'm able to fit the overflowing bottles in a much smaller space than before.  Best yet, the flocking materials that don't fit on the window sill above now fit besides the rack, with room to line up the painting queue to boot.

Well done, Sweetie!

I did get some time to sit down and paint last night and the one project for the next Savage Showdown game is finished.

I've tried to restart the #30GamesAMonth project that stalled out on day 13, but too many late night projects and horrendous 1st grade homework has prevented most inroads to gaming.  I even tried to throw in a game of T.I.A.R.A. in the morning before school, but my phone ringing off the hook between work and our confused daycare nullified it.   I've got a good weekend with the kids, and I anticipate that anything not related to yardwork and the kid's play practice will attempt to be gaming, and test painting some spiders from Michaels.

Fall-In Pre-registration opened up on early this week and I need to get ours done.  Barring some quick sell-outs, we're looking at some Gnomes, some Pirates, and perhaps Santa Claus, mixed in with a beginner's painting class and just enough time for Maja to pick out some Egytian stuff in the Dealer's Hall.  Perfect Daddy-Daughter weekend, even if Millie's Mommy-Daughter Day will be a princess makeover.

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