Wednesday, September 16, 2015

(Kickstarter) Macrocosm: The Next Races

Why of why are all the fun little toys that I want out of England.

Thanks to Preacher by Day I didn't miss the Macrocosm: New Races Kickstarter.    It appears that they're adding two additional sci-fi races to their line:  an army of Battlesuits and another army of humanoids that might look good with a green skin tone. 

To be honest, they don't interest me.  It's the Diggers and The Malignancy that interest me.

Yeah, they're totally not like any Squats, Ogryns, or Genestealer Cult members AT ALL!

These two races have been added to the KS with an October 2015 delivery date.  The £50 pledge is pretty reasonable, as even with the shipping charge to the States, you're still saving a few dollars/pounds on the MSRP.

I'm passing on this one as a Kickstarter.  Too much going on, the bathroom needs to be fixed, and I've got 3/4 of my oil tank to fill for winter.  I am interested in both lines of figures, particularly the quads, which aren't listed on the Kickstarter.

Definitely not Squats.  These guys safely ride on four wheels!

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  1. I got a squad of Diggers off ebay. Good price, don't like the models as replacements for Squats. The sculpts are nice, no problem there. But, the scale is wrong,(which is common with non-GW models, it's hard to get the right "fit"). In this case, the Diggers are tiny. They aren't fatties like Squats, and they are about the same height as Ratlings. Kind of like thinner Squats reduced to 20mm scale. But, not good as alternative Ratlings either, their weapons are also reduced in scale. If the Diggers were about a 1/4th larger, I'd like them as a squat substitute. I'm sure they are great in their own game system.