Sunday, September 27, 2015

My FLGS is the Wandering Tribe of Israel

It's been awhile since I've purchased anything of any significance at my FLGS.  The last time I purchased something from the store that wasn't a snack or dice for the girls was a highly underpriced pack of drunken dwarfs back during 4th of July weekend.

With the kids already at their activities, I made a quick stop to burn off some time after work before I picked them up.  They confirmed the first piece of rumor I already knew was true:  one of the owners of the business was leaving/already left.   When I had first heard that he was getting out due to health concerns of working 90+ a week between his regular job and the store, I was only slightly surprised.  But when I did my calculations,  the store is only open during "business" (bulk of sales) hours about 60 hours a week, and I've rarely seen him before six on weeknights.  That's a LOT of late night hours, hours that don't always generate revenue.  Here's hoping the clientele proves me wrong and buys a ton of impulse purchases after 9am.

Even with the loss of a co-owner, the next decision shocked me.  The store was getting it's third location in the last 18 months, again, down the road from he current spot, but adjacent to the deli the remaining owner operates.  It's off the main line, there's no confirmed parking, save on-street, and it's all happening before Christmas? 

Not looking great. 

My wife, who made a sizable special order for me last Christmas, did so at the original location.  She would only know of the knew location because (a) I told her and (b) her doctor is next door.  After hearing this story, she's probably going to go through Amazon, so I can't imagine the people who haven't visited in awhile and don't even know where the store went. 

The Amazon wishlist is updated,  but perhaps, my wife could go through Pop's Culture Shoppe through mail order. 

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