Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dungeons & Ponies 5e #4: Squeaky and Goliath

A battered Apple Jack and Spike staggered back to Ponyville for reinforcements to rescue not only Princess Cadence, but their friend Twilight Sparkle as well.  Many of their friends were already in Canterlot for the festival, but they managed to coerce two more to the mission:

Pinkie Pie:  Had run back to Ponyville for more party supplies.  Since her job of planning parties makes people feel good she is a cleric of partying.  We kept the spells simple as before, a few light cantrips, and some healing.

Squeaky:  Squeaky was a Rainbow Mouse, not very strong, but very, very sneaky.

The group was careful reaching the entrance to the goblin caves.  Squeaky scouted out front with some success until they found a body of a large bunny in the clearing,  Squeaky tried to pull it back to cover so the others could check it out, but it alerted the three goblins.   Squeaky fled into the caves, and the others charged forward to handle the goblins.  This time, combat went much smoother for my girls and two goblins fell and the third ran away as fast as possible.

Squeaky came back to let them know that the goblins on the bridge saw him, so, Pinkie Pie used one healing spell and the went in.

Meandering alongside the washed out creek bed, they fell upon three more goblins.  Again, they took one with flair, but one proved stubborn for Apple Jack, and the other escape to the next room to warn their leader.
Oh boy....
The leader was a "giant" to the girls, an ettin as a figure, but only a bugbear statwise.  The stand in for his wolf was a Rainbow Tiger.   With a word of warning to my girls about the size of the giant's giant club, they positioned themselves away from the giant.  Squeaky finally made a sneak roll when it counted, but his scent attracted the Rainbow Tiger, who began hunting for him.  Pinkie Pie kept one eye on the giant, and the other on the tattletale goblin.  Apple Jack kept trading glancing blows with the goblin, and Spike started chucking rocks at the giant.

Squeaky aced another sneak roll and attempted to backstab the unaware giant...

WITH A 20.

My three year old daughter rolls her first crit backstabbing a giant!

The attack weakened the giant, and the rainbow tiger had pounced on the mouse.

A few more well thrown rocks, and the giant was down, Pinkie Pie saved Squeaky, and the others fled.

Alas, there was no sign of the Princess and Twilight Sparkle, but they did find the presents for the festival, 2 potions of healing, and a talking frog statuette. What does THAT do praytell?

After getting through the first dungeon in the D&D Starter Set, I'm not too enthused.    The good news is that it feels like D&D.  The bad news is it still feels like portionos of 3rd and 4th.

Even with our cliffhanger, we'll probably be shelving D&D for something a bit more streamline, such as Dagger, or with a few more options, like my own TIARA.   For now, I've got CoC to prep for next weekend, plus a new pile of stuff on Viscount Eric Yard Sale page to process and ultimately put on eBay.

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