Thursday, August 11, 2016

Conspiracy Jones and the Tin-Foil Techno Mages

I admit to being a political junkie as a youth, more time watching C-SPAN than watching football.  I loved the political negotiation and maneuvering, people knowing when to stand firm, and when to compromise at a position still to their advantage. 

Twenty-five years later, and all those lessons have been "reformed" and we're stuck with sides of absolutists, and not enough practical moderates to slap some sense back into them. 

I admit that I have no horse, pony, mule, burro, greyhound, pigeon, parakeet, Greyhound bus, or camel in this year's presidential race.  But seeing this guy behind Wolf Blitzer while he was doing a show plug during the Democratic National Convention makes me wonder if the Illuminati are pulling too many strings... and not caring about the results.

Seriously, this dude stared into the camera like that for the entire 30-second spot!   Between the straw boater, the shiny eyeglasses, and the blue linen suit, this guy is obviously either a time traveler who doesn't know how to blend in, or perhaps he's a techno-mage, casting spells in HD through the TV.   Perhaps he's a retainer in Hillary's shadow war, trying too hard because Trump's techno-mages have had a head start and are better staffed.    

Are there certain political cabals to aid the Democrats, or is each a spellslinger for hire, contracting their particular set of skills to the highest bidder? 

Did Senator Sanders actually hire psionic pyromancers so his supporters could actually "Feel the Bern?"

These are questions to must be answered in some sort of game before Election Day! 

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