Monday, August 8, 2016

Still Alive....

Taking a break from all this lovely RPG day blogging and just giving an update on everything else I normally do.

I am not back to obsessed with the role-playing quite yet.  Historically, August is a month full of crazy for me, so outside of a quick edit the day before, all the RPGaDay posts were written days ago. 

As this is my third RPGaDay, I have two full years of disappointing data.  It's a great community-building project, but it has zero effect on my daily page views, despite extra Facebook, Twitter, and even Google Plus.   In fact, it could be argued that it scares away some of my miniature wargaming followers.

Part of this might be the overall quality of other participants. There's a small group of professional writers whose tweets blow my posts out of the water.  Then there's myself and similar writers wanting to speak about their experiences and still entertain the reader.  Finally are the largest no-time or no-thought group where "My wizard rolled a 14 on his fireball and slew the Thesselhydra,"  is the most description you're going to get. 

Outside of little projects on the honeydew list, I have spent ZERO time downstairs.  Let's chalk it up to a strange infection I've contracted (not Zika!)  I've spent my evenings in the TV room with numerous hot compresses and Netflix.   Caught up completely with Stranger Things, which is great, but last night I watched the The Phantom with Billy Zane and Treat Williams from the 90's.    It has aged well, despite Williams' bombastic big bad guy, and some plot holes (travel by map discrepancies) that are quite big, but 21st Century blockbusters would kill kittens to have plot issues that small. 

This week, we have a few little articles on top of RPGaDay, a lot of Masks PBEM updates to get done before the big finale later this month, a possible Olympic-themed family time, and maybe, just maybe, I can get downstairs to paint...

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