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#RPGaDay2016 Day #4: Most Impressive Thing Another's Character Did?

Day #4: Most Impressive Thing Another's Character Did?

I'm the GM in most of our games, so I hope to have a better recollection than most.   I present two different nominees, one for role-playing, the other for mechanics

Torm Touchberry - AD&D 2nd Edition - "Georic III" Campaign  - circa 1995
Despite being specifically told that elves and half-breeds were hated throughout Crosedes, two players just needed to make kick-ass characters with pointy ears.  Despite combat success, I dragged them through the mud every session they stayed in their base of operations, the Village of Eding.  As to be expected, nothing either of them ever did was good enough for the human citizenry.    Even after the whole group was named "Heroes and Protectors of the Barony of Eding," both Torm Touchberry, the half-elf,and Markuus Silverleaf, the wild elf, were given zero acknowledgement, unless they were buying something, and now they were only charged 150% of cost. 

The Heroes and Protectors of Eding decided that gallivanting in the capital city was much more important than their duties to the Barony.  Due to this indiscretion, a goblin tribe raided the barony, causing much destruction   The human heroes never showed their faces again, but the elves felt duty-bound to return.  After an abusive series of lashes to both to them and a merciful prison sentence, the elves decided to remain in Eding and help, despite the vitriol of the other citizens.  Eventually Markuus could take it no more and left the area, but Torm remained and did what needed to be done for the benefit of all in the Barony.

The campaign fell apart by that time, but the player's/character's efforts would not be forgotten.   When I started the next AD&D campaign, and moved the timeline twenty years ahead, not only had Torm earned the trust and respect of the humans, but he had been named Training Sergeant of the Baronial militia.  The stigma towards elves would not go away with the efforts of one man, but in one village elvinkind could get a fair shot. 

Mr Steven O'Hara - Call of Cthulhu Ongoing Campaign - Transgression (Secrets of New York) When I started my CoC campaign, everyone played 1920's avatars of themselves that I had designed.  My college roommate Steve, turned into a Mathematics and Physics instructor at a local prep school.  As I actively tried to find scenarios that required skillsets the Investigators could handle, "Steven" had plenty of opportunities to improve not only his Physics skill, but an already decent Mechanical Repair as well..

His badass moment came when shot the KKK Grand Dragon / Cthuga Cult Leader between the eyes right as he was finishing his "evil overlord spilling the beans speech," but a follow-up scenario trumped that.

While investigating the disappearance of a prominent Columbia University physics professor, the group broke into his apartment, only to discover the apartment was full of chalkboards with cryptic scientific scribbling that extended to the walls, doors, and even the furniture. 

Steven impaled on his physics roll (already in the high 70's/low 80's), then impaled his Cthulhu Mythos, and ultimately took the absolute minimum of SAN loss (1) .  I ruled that not only did he understand the equations, he had found an error in them and corrected it accordingly.  After absorbing as much as he could, he did what any self-respecting scientist did with new knowledge, right before the group left, he erased the boards so no one else could discover it.

This isn't for a dimensional portal, they're driving directions for Boston!
As we inch towards the finale of Masks of Nylarathotep, "Steven" is still kicking around, physically battered and psychologically beaten down, but mentally his Physics and Mechanical Repair are both over 90%.    Not to spoil things, but those might come in handy later this month on a small island off the coast of China.

...or it could finally spell his doom.

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