Tuesday, August 30, 2016

#RPGaDay 2016 Day #30 Describe the Ideal Game Room, if the Budget Were Unlimited

Describe the Ideal Game Room, if the Budget Were Unlimited?

Back on Day 9, I covered my Ideal Gaming Session, which largely covered utility over frivolity.  Keep me away from "Living Room Gaming" with couches, comfy chairs and end tables and coffee tables to roll dice on and I would be fine. 

I also quickly covered this in RPGaDay 2015 Day 22 Perfect Gaming Environment.

To go crazy, money no-object, I would take flood-proof basement.  Heavily waxed old school black and white institutional tile,  a chair rail and wainscoting in a nice walnut. 

Dominating the floor would be an over-sized turn of the 20th Century pool table, for when the mundanes come over.  Many of these did come with a fashionable, yet rigid cover to use it for other purposes, but I would have a second additional board constructed, with braces to hold it in place, that could withstand the rigors and spillage of role-playing, as well as miniature wargaming.  Height-appropriate stools (possibly low-backs) would be used to sit. 

I would keep my reference books upstairs in the library (if I can afford this room, I can afford a freaking library), but there would be display cases to show off miniatures, with room behind them for general miniature/terrain storage.  

Besides the display cases would be the bar...  fully stocked, four or five beers on tap (Yuengling products would be the minimum quality.)    I did say on Day 9 I would institute a 1 drink minimum/2 drink max during an RPG session (when plausible)...

 I think that would do nicely....

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