Saturday, August 27, 2016

#RPGaDay 2016 Day #27 Most Unusual Circumstance or Location in Which You've Gamed

I'm a traditional gamer who's quite comfortable at the dining room table, basement, attic, garage, back deck, or even in the car on a road trip. The craziest I usually get is some Risus: IOU around the firepit after our Day of Sloth picnic. Sorry, no impromptu games in crack houses,  hospital ER waiting rooms, or on a submarine (and the kids were too young for a real RPG on the last cruise).

If that's the case then the only option I can offer is kicking off my friend Hoyce's bachelor party weekend with a rousing Call of Cthulhu game.   

The idea of renting a house in the Poconos to play games, grill meat, and watch The Big Lebowski was a fantastic idea.   

I don't wish divorce on Hoyce, but I would repeat that weekend in a heartbeat. 

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