Sunday, August 14, 2016

#RPGaDay 2016 Day #14 Your Dream Team of People You Used to Game With

Your Dream Team of People You Used to Game With

I will throw in one caveat to determining my team.:  My main criteria for "used to game with" are those people I have not role-played with over the last five years.  I can't think of anyone that's sat at my table since my kids have been born, that I wouldn't welcome back.  Alright, maybe Crazy Daryl from high school, but last I heard he was running protection at a hostel in Albania.

Todd:  Not the DM of my "Naked Roast Nazi", rather a popular TORG GM from the local circuit all the way up to GenCon.  Great games, great personality.  If I didn't run a game, the keys would handed over to him.

Larry:  Only man I ever met who wanted to max out head butt on his Call of Cthulhu (and all other) characters.  Let him attempt one outrageous act a session, and he was usually the best team player in the group.

Chad:  As the only teenager in our extended group two decades ago, Chad was a great mix of maturity and comic relief .  As Mythos entities and government bullets began to descend upon our Delta Green characters, we inquired on who had a safe place to lay low.

His clueless character excitedly said, "We can stay at my house!
Us:  "Is it safe?
Him:  Sure, it's got the Slomin Shield!

TOWN.  The man we lovingly call "The Other White Nate"  moved back to Western PA during college and relocated to Ireland some time after.  His interaction with a starving kobold family changed the campaign I was running and earns him a spot at the table.

Jennifer:  Sometimes, one game is all it takes.  Jennifer played in my GURPS-IOU "Scavenger Hunt" game at CoveCon, Bangor, PA, circa 1995-96.  The game was one of, if not the best games I have ever run, and much of that had to do with fantastic players.  I don't even remember what character she ran, but she was such a great player I remember her to this day.  I also remember that she and her sister (another great player) moved out of the area shortly thereafter.

Eric T. Smith:  Already covered him earlier this month. 

Kelley:  Kelley played Gwen the Druid in my Burning Trogs Rule! Hackmaster Campaign.  She was part of one of the two married couples in the group, and when I moved out of the area we occasionally stayed in touch.  However, during the oddly messy divorce and aftermath with her husband, I took his side.  Now that things are as okay as they're going to get, I'd love to have her at the table.  For as hack-and-slash a game of Hackmaster can be, Kelley always tried to add more role-playing to the game, without hurting the effectiveness of the party. 

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