Thursday, August 25, 2016

#RPGaDay 2016 Day #25 What Makes for a Good Character

Day #25 What Makes for a Good Character

You don't need an "interesting" character with elaborate backstories and maxed feats out the ying-yang.   A character can be more in-depth with a well written paragraph than a 15-page novella detailing their Kindergarten teacher's ancestors. 

A good character needs two almost opposite traits:  Consistency and growth. 

Playing the character the same way each session, no matter how plain or how exotic their story is, is important.  Whether it's a simple street urchin or a Spaniard in search of the six-figured man who killed his father, it's good for both the player and GM to know how a character should act in certain situations.

Likewise, a cookie cutter approach when the circumstances change isn't going to cut it, either.  A character who keeps getting swindled by thieves will change his approach while still keeping to his (non-naïve) persona.

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