Wednesday, August 3, 2016

D&D and My Little Pony... Together Again.. for Charity

I'm a father of two girls, so it's expected that I have a basic familiarity with all thing pony.  I'm also a gamer who plays who loves to run games for them.  The  kids, not actual ponies.

Fun fact most mundanes don't know:  Dungeons & Dragons and My Little Pony are both made by Hasbro (D&D is through their subsidiary Wizards of the Coast.)  It's no surprise that Hasbro should be using multiple product lines to be make a profit, but it is nice to seem them do so for charity.

In celebration of Friendship Day, Dungeons & Dragons has partnered with My Little Pony to create an exclusive charity shirt highlighting what is at the heart of both brands: Friendship & Magic. Hasbro will be donating the net profits from the sale of these shirts to generationOn, so order one for all the My Little Pony and D&D fans in your life! This shirt will be available to order on our campaign page until August 19th.

I had not realized that Wizards used the My Little Pony RPG as an April Fool's Prank a decade ago.   Now with two little girls and a plethora of homebrew kids games out there, I find it foolish that they don't have a RPG about any of their properties for young children.  Heck, I've run 5th Edition "Dungeons and Ponies" for the girls before with mixed results, so a game where you can only fight the really bad guys, but has plenty of other ways to resolve conflicts would be great.  If it works they can make a universal kids system to allow crossovers with their other product lines, although I might draw the line with the GI Joe/Baby Alive Battleship Missions in Candyland campaign setting.

For now there's a t-shirt, a charity, and a dream.

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