Thursday, August 11, 2016

Fall Con Season is Upon Us!

With the blink of an eye, a quick check of my wife's work schedule, the Fall convention season is a mess!

Last year, I skipped Mepacon in Scranton and took my daughter Maja down to Fall-In! in Lancaster   stayed over Friday night and played more games until we got home late Saturday night.  Great time.

This year the cons are on back-to-back weekends, Fall-In! November 4-6, and Mepacon 11-13.  Unlike other years, we have a ton of variables.   Maja's younger sister, Millie is also old enough to attend a con and play games, although she is usually the least excited and easily bored recently. 

I would love another overnight stay at Fall-In! (with Maja) run a Friday game, and have time for kid's stuff/dealer's hall for Saturday, returning home late Saturday night.   I get in for free (Maja's automatically free), I can run another Samoa scenario, all is well. 

Since my wife works that weekend, and I don't want to "dump" Millie onto a relative, I may resign myself to pre-register, (kids are free) and make it a day trip, so we can drive down Saturday morning, skip the never-ending day pass line, and play a game or two.   We all can do some shopping, grab a nice dinner, and head home. 

Turning to the next weekend, Mepacon is much closer, extremely kid-friendly, plus my wife is off that weekend. 

I could take both kids, funnel them through the kid's track, and snag a few items at buy-out price before the auction, leaving after the raffle. 

I could also take a half-day from work on Friday, drive up to run two demo games of Savage Rifts (The con theme is post-apocalyptic).  On Saturday, I can bring one or two kids for the day, run some kid-friendly Savage Showdown OR my Cthulhu Comes to Springfield 2 while the kids are LARPing. 

Or do I take up my wife's offer and go solo to Mepacon!  Help me people, you're my only hope. 

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