Monday, August 22, 2016

#RPGaDay 2016 Day #22 Supposedly Random Game Events That Keep Recurring

Supposedly Random Game Events That Keep Recurring

One of the greatest tools I've ever owned for random results was the Hackmaster GameMaster's Shield.  (See this article on the Kenzer & Company site for a few more details).

Under the City/NPC flaps was a Tavern Name Generator that I used religiously as the Trogs visited a new town. 

Three random rolls to generate a different name. (ex. Alcor's Fighting Lion Tavern)  The only problem was no matter what my first two rolls were, the third result was always "Keg."  It came to the point, that when the Burning Trogs formally established their charter as an adventuring company, they put in a clause that if they travelled by group, they must stay at an Inn/Tavern with the word Keg in it, no matter what.  

Lucky for them, most of the "Keg" establishments were in lower-middle-class neighborhoods, their kind of people.    However, there are a vast swath of these named establishment well across the continent. 

Someone should start a franchise.

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