Saturday, August 20, 2016

#RPGaDAy 2016 Day #20: Most Challenging But Rewarding System Have You Learned

Day #20:  Most Challenging But Rewarding System Have You Learned

I'm a middle-aged married man with two kids in grade school...  A challenge for me is finding the bed before midnight... or getting out of it in the morning. 

Savage Worlds isn't necessarily challenging.  The system itself is pretty simple, it's the exceptions that everyone has to memorize. 

The last challenging system that I got the most benefit out of?

Hackmaster 4th Edition (2001)

Ripped from the pages of Knights of the Dinner Table, and a parody-demanding licensing agreement with Wizards of the Coast, Hackmaster took everything I loved about D&D, turned it up to 11 and multiplied it by infinity +1. 

Outside of the idea that you could be killed by gazebos and gummi fiends, things like all ability scores having percentiles, a huge honor system that benefitted the Lawful Good and the Chaotic Evil in different ways, plus a d10,000 critical hit chart made a game I already love even better.

Despite that love for every facet of the system, I was forced to scale back rules for fatigue and thresholds of pain to keep combat flowing.  Combat wasn't D&D 3e-4e long, heavens forbid.  Our regular combat per session was more than most d20 games for a month and a half, and we still got plenty of role-playing in!

And those Gummi Fiends?  Drop the cutesy name and rainbow like candy appearance and they will wreck your party.  Guaranteed.


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