Thursday, August 18, 2016

(Kickstarter) Halfling Skeletons

I usually quickly gloss over fantasy miniatures on Kickstarter.  I have little need for the finely sculpted, overpriced minis that dominant the site. 

However, every once in awhile, the right combination of factors piques my interest and I must write about it. 

28mm Halfling Skeleton Archers caught my attention.

"Sculpted by the illustrious Bob Olley"  raised my eyebrows.

A Bob Olley-related Kickstarter based in the US?  With US Shipping included?  Tell me more!

Definitely too small for Gnome Wars, but the option of fielding full units of undead halflings might entice a number of people.  The pledge levels seem to reflect that, as the lower pledges have a prohibitive per figure cost, but if you hit the $80 level, you 40 figures ($2/per) which would be perfect for two large units of archers.

And any campaign that offers a stretch goal of a free undead chicken with each pledge has to be considered.

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