Tuesday, August 9, 2016

#RPGaDay2016 Day #9: The Ideal Session

Beyond the game, what's involved in an ideal session for me? 

In a world of elaborate "Gamer Caves" I'm a bit more frugal.   Over 90% of my sessions have involved a dining room table with background noise, and I'm absolutely content with that. 

So you're inviting me over to your house to run a game for you and want my demands?  Sure...
  • Dining room table big enough so everyone has room for character sheets, dice, drinks, but still enough in the middle for a map, mat, giant gold statue of a cockatrice, whatever.
  • 4-6 players, beyond myself.
  • Everyone's on-time.
  • No spectators, non-gaming spouses, or children (save any that normally live at the host's house)
  • Food is procured pre-game, and can be eaten at the table, unless it's covered in onions or garlic.
  • All players should bring snacks.  It is optional for the GM (I do run games for Doritos and M&Ms)
  • Four hour minimum time allotment.
  • One drink minimum, when logical.  Two drink maximum, strictly enforced. 
Those demands help sculpt a great session, regardless of plot, system, etc.   I could run scriptless Risus or Fate, or break out the crunchiest portions of Hackmaster with no worries.

Then again, looking back this list, I guess I just about always get my ideal session.

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