Wednesday, August 24, 2016

#RPGaDay 2016 Day #24 What is the Game You are Most Likely to Give to Others

What is the Game You are Most Likely to Give to Others

Seriously?  Second easiest question to Day One's Dice, Digital, or Diceless?

Anyone in need of a system would get: Risus: The Anything RPG by S.John Ross.


It's easy. Characters are built from clichés. The better the number value your cliché is, the more dice to roll to reach your target number. 

It's easy to complicate things.  There are plenty of optional rules (that I never use) to help flesh things out, treat special abilities differently, but they are optional.

You can play this seriously, but who would want to?  Risus is meant for beer-and-pretzel, light-hearted play, goals.  There are plenty of hardcore games to suit a particular genre.  Risus isn't and shouldn't be one of those games, but that doesn't mean you can't get use out of it for long-term campaign play.

It's FREE!   I'm not made of money!  The basic rules are free (and in a ton of formats) and there's a boatload of free downloads.    If the recipient loves the rules, they're welcome to join the International Order of Risus for $10 and receive the Risus Companion.  Yes, you can pay $10 to get a 64-page pdf supplement to a 6-page set of free rules.

There are stick-figure characters!


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