Tuesday, August 2, 2016

#RPGaDay2016 Day #2: The Best Game Session Since August 2015

Solid question for Day #2 of #RPGaDay:  What was your best game session since August 2015?

Compared to previous years, it's been a pretty solid year for role-playing games.  Our Call of Cthulhu Campaign is nearing the finale of Masks of Nylarathotep, and while properly epic, none of the sessions could be considered my best.  The Savage Worlds/Showdown Pulp game I run for my daughters has had the best quote of the year:
"Daddy, Maja Millie (the character) stabs Captain Skippy in the heart."   - Maja, Age 6.

Even my Spirit of '77 and Kobolds Ate My Baby One-Shots were good, but they could not be labeled the best.

That honor goes to Scavenger Hunt: The Next Generation

For those of who hate to click on links here's the most base of details. 

Every Labor Day weekend we host a cook-out at the house, and one of the last activities of the day is an Illuminati University (IOU) game.  Between the setting sun, beer, and general insanity I began using Risus.   
This past year was a sparse crowd with only four players, but one of the old regulars had moved back into the area, and it was particularly exciting, as he had created the first ever-character for the campaign, yet had never gotten a chance to play him. 

Thank the Gods Freshthings are off-limits first semester.

The other players constituted the core group from previous years, figuring out ingenious solutions like defeating undead Nazis by digging up and reanimating the corpse of Jesse Owens.  Classy.

Years ago I had run a GURPS IOU Scavenger Hunt as a convention game that may rank up there as one of my best sessions ever.  Never one to  duplicate things, I found a new Scavenger Hunt for East Texas University and away we went. 

So what does one get when you mix an ex-astronaut chimp, a figure-skating vigilante, a beer company mascot, and a super-genius talking coffee plant? 
  • Workplace Violence!
  • Crotch shots!
  • Cannibalism!
  • Off Screen "Wooing"!
  • Creamed Corn!
  • Exploding Toasters!
  • Time Travel!
  • Stealing campus police golf carts.... in Ancient Rome!
  • Monty Python skits in Latin!
  • and the Beer Cozy of Satan!

Seriously, read the link provided!

So my favorite game session involved using a Savage Worlds one-sheet in a GURPS setting using RISUS, just the way God intended it to be.

Let that be a lesson, boys and girls.   What that lesson is, I have no idea.

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