Monday, August 29, 2016

#RPGaDay 2016 Day #29 You Can Game Anywhere on Earth, Where Would You Choose?

You Can Game Anywhere on Earth, Where Would You Choose?

On previous days I've essentially said I could game like Tommy Lee Jones in the Fugitive, be it a gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse, or dog house in that area.
I've seen games in castles transform a mediocre game into... a mediocre game in a castle.  I've seen tremendous games played in hotel conference rooms with glow sticks and cargo netting as accoutrements.  Location doesn't really matter.

But I constantly think about a gaming cruise, with sufficient sea days.

I've mentioned this on the blog ad nauseum, but if I ever hit the lottery, I would take my old Hackmaster group on a 10-day cruise and restart he campaign after a 12 year hiatus, both real-time and in-game. 

A cruise offers a ton of options.  There's a variety of locations on board to play.  No real-life interruptions (never said I'd take the spouses and kids...although I probably should).  A variety of food and beverages are available within a few hundred feet.  It's a like a floating college dorm of gaming opportunities.

Now, if you did leave a book at home, or a die bounced off the deck, you're screwed.  And let's not talk about wi-fi costs for most cruise lines if you did need it for your laptop.   Of course, the cruises of the South Pacific have their own issues.
I'm on a boat...
I would force my players to take full advantage of port days.   I personally enjoy most of the ports of call, and anyway, that whole wives and kids options need a release valve so no one gets divorced post-cruise.    Proper dining in the dining rooms would also be mandatory.

Since the people operating Mega-Millions and Powerball are keen on me actually purchasing tickets to win the jackpot, I believe it will be much  quicker and easier to simply get the Burning Trogs back together at a dining room table, real life be damned.

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