Saturday, August 13, 2016

Pokethulhu: The Adventure Game

Pokémon Go continues to lure our youth into slowly mobile catatonic complacency. 

But what if we could play something similar while our dead phones' batteries were still recharging? 

Oh yeah, and it was actually more fun?

Fear not my friends, because from the vaults of time immemorial, I present Pokethulhu The Adventure Game!  by S. John Ross and John Kovalic. 

When this came out in 2000, I was in my final year of managing game stores.  Griffon Games was a customer's bounced check away from failure each week, yet the lights were on and new product stocked... and copies of this game were flying off the shelves.    Truth be told, we might have sold a dozen copies, and it was pretty cheap, but the only things that outsold it were these new Third Edition books for a game called Dungeons and Dragons. 

Now you don't have to worry about not getting your copy at a failing brick and mortar store, because the 3rd Edition of Pokethulhu is available FOR FREE! 

Trust me when I say, it's meant for fun-loving adults, not necessarily the kids.  If my kids actually like Pokémon, I may try to refute that, but for now enjoy your Pokenomicon with your (physically) grown-up friends.

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