Monday, August 29, 2016

(Kickstarter) Base Boss by Reaper

As Reaper waits for the final pieces to finish production in China, they have launched a new campaign for items being produced closer to home.

Reaper is using their Base Boss Kickstarter to expand production of High Impact Plastic Styrene (HIPS) bases in their factory in Texas.

I can see the attraction that this Kickstarter offers.   The average FLGS either stocks GW bases, which are god-awful expensive, or some poor quality third-party replacement.   To have Reaper producing bases, both slotted and otherwise, of various shapes and sizes, to a market that has had these issues since the first fantasy mini was cast, is great news.

On the Con-side, I already have a metric ton of mdf bases, as I always grab a Chinese takeout container of them in the dealer's hall at most HMGS cons.  I may jump in just to support the effort, and restock on some round and square slotted bases, but I prefer my mdf.

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