Sunday, August 7, 2016

#RPGaDay2016 Day #7: What Aspect of RPGs has had the Biggest Effect on You?

It's taken seven days this year for me to reach one of these questions that makes me scratch my head. 

"What Aspect of RPGs has had the Biggest Effect on You?"

At first glance, what aspect of RPGs effects us more than fun?  It looked to be a very vanilla day with everyone in lockstep with their answers, with the few "role-playing solve my math issues" or "RPGs help me discover my dyslexia."

Upon further reflection, I realized going down the rabbit hole of "fun" could personalize the effect on me. 

Role-Playing is fun because it's a social endeavor.  I enjoy the social endeavor because it's an opportunity to see my friends. 

And then *boom* it hit me, despite hundreds of Facebook friends, I only actively meet up with my role-playing friends, far more than even long-time friends and family.

Pre-high school friends?  Casual Facebook friends at best.
High School friends?  The ones that stopped gaming were the first to disappear off the radar, and as constant gaming companions moved away one at a time, we've largely lost touch. 

College friends?  If we don't game, we don't talk anymore.  Heck, we don't even invite each other to social events. 

This doesn't mean the gaming visits with my friends is all shop talk.  We actively catch up on family, work, and non-gaming hobbies in between chucking the dice.  I'm sure I could maintain a group of friends if my hobby was model railroading, baseball cards, or whittling, it's just that role-playing demands a social interaction...

Perhaps I need to go back to softball two nights a week.

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